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How can I pitch for funding?

You can apply via Apply Here. You can also add your pitch deck to the application form. After the initial assessment, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

In what kind of companies are you making investments?

We are focusing on companies that are either in the gaming ecosystem or can touch this ecosystem from one point. Examples could be gaming studios, ad-tech companies, or platforms related to gaming.

In which investment rounds do you participate?

We usually participate in pre-seed, seed and Series A investments. Our ticket size varies between $200K to $2M.

Do you have any geo restrictions?

We do not have any restrictions regards location.

In which areas are you making “Venture Studio” type of investments?

We only make these types of investments in Turkey.

Are you interested in SAFT or token-based investments?

At the moment we are only making equity investments.

Do you have any specific criteria?

The founding team is a very important asset for us. We carry great emphasis in sharing the same goals and mindset as our partners of business and we ensure that we can work as a single team as opposed to being just an investor.

Do you participate in follow-on investment rounds?

Yes, we participate in follow-on rounds.

Does Ludus Ventures invest in web3 and NFT based mobile gaming projects?

No, Ludus Ventures invests on marketable and scalable mobile gaming-related projects.