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As Ludus Venture Studio, we are thrilled to announce that we have invested in 3 different early-stage game studios in Turkey and participated in 2 global investments rounds led by our global partners in Q3. 

As Ludus we believe in the talent in the Turkish ecosystem, and we are confident that Turkey will remain as one of the top countries in terms of talent in the mobile gaming market. The three new investments in Turkey, are all touching different points in the mobile gaming sector, but mostly they will be focusing on casual and hybrid genres. As Ludus, we are always seeking new studios focusing on different genres, and trending technologies, and our aim is to expand our portfolio.

More details about the recent investments:

Maestro Game Studio

Maestro Game Studio has raised $500K and additional $500K UA credit in the pre-seed investment round from Ludus and founded by 3 founders, Orhan Veli Cetin, Ceyhun Kardas and Ege Basturk. Previously they worked in different companies in the ad-tech and e-commerce sectors. They are now focusing on the hybrid genre in mobile gaming and with the new investment they will be expanding their team to achieve higher rankings in a short period of time. Co-Founder and CEO, Orhan Veli Cetin stated that “We are lucky to have Ludus as our investor. They backed us up & additionally helped us with their gaming expertise & network. We are certain that combining our passion with their expertise will help us achieving our goals.”

Stardust Games

Stardust Games is founded by Gunay Ozkan and Berkay Soyer and has raised $405K in the pre-seed round from Ludus. Gunay Ozkan is a veteran of the games industry with more than 10 years of experience at companies like Sony and Ubisoft. Berkay Soyer has led product management teams at leading e- commerce companies such as Armut, Trendyol, and Letgo. Co-Founder & CTO, Gunay Ozkan mentioned that “At Stardust Games, their goal is to become one of the leaders of the global mobile games industry, while crafting fun and meaningful gaming experiences on mobile. Working with Ludus has also been a great learning experience for us, and it’s great to have their support moving forward.”

Paxie Games

Paxie Games has raised a total of $1M in the first investment round. The round was led by Ludus and joined by Alfa Game Partners and other reputable angel investors. Paxie Games has launched into the casual titles market, with exciting plans to expand. Turkish startup has already won strong backing, and built a dynamic, multi-talented management team. Paxie is led by a team of four who bring deep expertise across the mobile gaming and mobile advertising domains; Direnc Celik, Huseyin Anil Özmen, Refik Anil Bulut and Sare Basel. “Our strength comes from the hands-on experience we bring, with skills in product design, art, development and growth.” said co-founder Direnc Celik. “We have a well-proved ability to deliver well-design, enjoyable casual titles that satisfy players.” The games newcomer has won the backing of well-established firm Ludus, which provides funding, business expertise and strategic guidance to the new company. “With strong backing and business expertise from launch,’ said Celik, ‘we can focus on what we do best; developing games that will be played by millions.”

Aforementioned, as Ludus we also participated in the latest investment round of Finland-based AI Data company StageZero, which was led by Konvoy Ventures. In addition to this, Ludus was also one of the investors who joined the investment round of San Francisco-based Monetizr which operates as an intelligence reward platform for gaming together with Alfabeat, UpTech Fund and Berkeley Angel Network.